Syria Writes

Syria Writes is a political, economic and cultural online magazine that attempts to envision Syria’s future, starting from the transitional phase and on to the shape of the Syrian state, its institutions and laws, its relations with other countries, as well as the nature of the Syrian economy and cultural life.

This platform takes on the task of laying the written foundations, politically, socially and culturally, for the concept of the “citizen state” we hope for in Syria. The aim is to strengthen the belief in public and private liberties, democracy and a national belonging that is inclusive of all the different shades of the Syrian society.

This magazine aspires also to play an intellectual, cultural and political role that is proportional to the importance of the great changes occurring in Syria. Therefore, it will work on attracting competent authors while coordinating with media outlets and research centers.

Syria Writes is the result of the cooperation between Samir Kassir Foundation and SyriaUntold

Magazine Content

1. Institutions and Law: All matters related to building a constitutional state in Syria, that is able to consolidate a national Syrian identity and handle challenges related to sectarian and ethnic affiliations.

2. Economy: On the economic situation in Syria, with an emphasis on the relation between the economic factors and the war.

3. Culture and Arts: The Syrian uprising has birthed its own culture of rejection of otherness, and its own culture of acceptance. These two cultures are subject to shifts according to the ever changing Syrian reality. However, it is certain that a new culture is born and it needs to be placed under scrutiny. In addition to that, the section will deal with the current relation between Syrians and their artistic and cultural heritage, in order to envision the horizons of a post-revolutionary cultural life.

4. Foreign Relations: An attempt to envision the future of Syria’s relations with its neighbors, in addition to regional and international powers. This section will also deal with the Syrian diasporas in the world, which are set to grow and become more influential in light of the ongoing conflict.

5. Environment: This section will deal with environmental issues at large, the extent to which they trigger conflicts, and the environmental cost of the ongoing Syrian war.

6. Health: As the war rages on, a constantly increasing number of Syrians are affected by physical and mental health problems. Syria Writes will discuss how these conditions could be treated to reduce their impact on future generations.

Editorial Team

Editor-in-chief: Mohammad Dibo
Editor-in-chief (English version): Andrea Glioti

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