Anarchadia is a metal band by five Syrian musicians who shared a friendship before sharing their love for art, which consequently prompted them to try different metal genres until they settled on the one they’re currently playing. They are knowingly taking a risk by presenting a kind of art that’s frowned upon within the Arab world and considered strange even in some Western countries, “even though it is derived from classical music…”, as one of the band’s members notes smirkingly before adding, “and for those of you who don’t believe me, listen to Wagner and other classical musicians who relied on bass in their music.”

Most of the band’s lyrics are in English and since repeated attempts to write in Arabic failed, their next album will be in English as well, focusing on their music and staying away from politics.The band released their first album, which was initially available on YouTube, shortly before the outbreak of the Syrian uprising. At that time they were inspired by the renowned Occupy Wall Street movement, which reflected Anarchadia’s opinion on the economic ruling elite of our world and “showed Western communities a different image than that of the mainstream media where Syrians and Arabs are consistently terrorists”. “Luckily there are many Syrian musicians who share this vision with us”, as one of the band members says. The band’s name is derived from Anarchism, which rejects all systems and forms of authority, hinting that Anarchadia’s musicians were among the early supporters of a revolution to “abolish the centeral authority in Syria”. However, they also add to that how disappointed they were when some Syrians decided to arm themselves. “We believe that peaceful struggle is the best way to change the regime and to turn Syria from a dictatorship into a democratic state.”

One of the band’s best moments was when American musician John Schaffer, who is against American domination and supports Arab rights, agreed to compose and record a duet with them.The band suffers from a lack of funding and the stink eye they get from people who don’t appreciate this kind of music. Nonetheless they refuse to be stereotyped by anyone’s fixed ideas about metal heads.

The band members have not been subject to any kind of harassment, not by security forces nor by any other armed group, “except like any other person who listens to this kind of music”. “We were accused of many deviant habits such as Satan worshiping and many of us were repeatedly arrested due to this dictatorship and authoritarianism.” They wish that one day they’ll be able to make a living out of playing their music but believe that this dream will not come true unless the Syrian bloodbath stops, and “it won’t stop until Syrians come together and unite to protect Syria.”

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